Holidays Are Upon Us

Well, I had a wonderful Yule with some of my family and my boyfriend, and tomorrow we intend to surprise my Nana and Papa with a visit for Christmas. My mom was a champ and got me a whole stack full of books. Which is perfect, considering I still need to read 11 books to make my reading goal on Goodreads. (If I fail, it's okay. But I have thin, tiny little back-up books to make sure that doesn't happen. Even if I'm not interested in them.) Next year, I don't think I'm going to do a reading goal. Probably because I'm at a point where I want to go back and start working on project rewrites again. Lately I've been reading books with intricate World Building and interesting plot twists an

Valerian Release Day

It is finally here! The day I have waited months for. (Years if you count how long ago all of the original drafts were written.) Now, I am finally able to share with you Book 3 in the Prideful Magick Collection. What I find funny about all of this now is the fact that I haven't really discussed what any of my books are about. I don't really even post the synopsis everywhere like I do the covers and all that. Good thing there's a bit of a Release Day party going on over at Facebook. So if you pop over on that, I'm going to be going a little more in-depth about what the Prideful Magick Collection is about, and the stages of life Lex is enduring through each book. Of course, if you're mor

Giveaways on GoodReads

As I have mentioned before, Valerian will be releasing on December 9, 2016! In honor of this auspicious occasion, I have decided to do two more giveaways. One copy each of Ivy and Oleander is available over on Goodreads. The titles have the links. You are also way more than welcome to pop in the Valerian Release event page over on Facebook. I plan to be active on it all day, posting videos, pictures, answering any questions that might arise, and overall having a good time with friends. So feel free to check it out!

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