Avens Cover Release

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! WANNA SEE? LOOK! Look at it! I'm so excited. Having the cover honestly makes it more real to me. It's one step closer to holding the book in my hands and knowing that it's almost done. So very soon I will have all five books sitting on my shelf and be able to say that this series that I started when I was 19 finally made it into print. The whole story is told and it's out in the world where it can be shared and enjoyed by anyone and everyone else. I'm so happy knowing that. Well, of course, now that we have our cover, I suppose there's no harm in telling you the release date. You ready? It's... JANUARY 21, 2019 Okay, so that's basically all my spazzing for today! Now t

Cover Reveal Coming Soon

Okay, so you all know I'm that author that is one of those last minute people. Which means that basically as soon as something's done I thrust it all on you and I don't wait the prerequisite amount of time before giving you the next thing. Like the cover. So, as far as I'm concerned (we'll see how it looks on an actual proof copy) the cover is complete. Now, most authors have had their cover done and released months before the book is coming out in order to build hype. I don't. My covers get released about a month before the book is released. There are several, several reasons for this (including but not limited to the weather making it impossible to get decent cover photos) but the main one

NaNo Winner

Well, that's another year under my belt. It's actually one of my best years, to be honest. For several of the past years, I was just squeaking by in the word count. This year, I not only managed to get ahead, but stay ahead. There is still a long way to go before Dreamcrafter is complete. Chances are, the very little bit that I touch it in December will not have it finished any time soon. However, I am going to be working hard on new/old things. The first of these is, obviously, the publication of Avens. I know there hasn't been a lot of word on that lately, but that's because we're busy people. The fact that it's also holiday season tends to add to the busy rather than detract from it. But

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