Stranded In Canada

Okay, first of all, I'm just going to toot my own horn: I take some damn good pictures. Maybe not all the time; there could be several dozen that come away with only one good shot; but there are still dozens of gorgeous photos from this trip. That being said: story time. So, my mom and I, plus 2 dogs, drove 2 thousand miles (I swear it was longer than that, but Google maps also seems to think it only takes 32 hours; having slept five hours on the way home, and stopped an accumulative time of one hour on top of that, we were still about four hours from home at the 38 hour marker) all the way to a tiny town on the edge of the Canadian Rockies. If you've ever heard of Nordegg, Alberta, I'll be

Going On Vacation

Well, this is going to be pretty short and sweet, since it's basically just an announcement. I'm going on vacation to Canada for a while to visit my siblings in the mountains. Really looking forward to it, but that means I will be incommunicado for at least 10 days. Hopefully will have a lot of cool pics and video to post when I get back. Which means I'll also be able to finish up the final edits on Hawthorn and get everything wrapped up for a September release! Will have updates on my return!

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