Okay, you're probably wondering what that title means. So I'll explain it. An underwriter is a type of writer that writes everything out in a story, beginning to end, but finds that their work does not reach novel length. This means they have to go back and add details, tweak scenes to make them longer, and figure out how to add more words to story that may not have actually needed it. On the opposite spectrum, an overwriter is someone whose manuscripts are typically hundreds of pages of extraneous details that go way over what is considered the average length for a novel. Thus, come editing, entire chapters will have to be cut. I am an overwriter. If you didn't know, the classification

Camping ... Not That Kind

So, I'm back from vacation. If the lanyard and train aren't an obvious giveaway, I have no qualms about telling you that I got to enjoy Florida and many of the parks available. Including Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, where I was happy to partake in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Yes, I bought myself an Ollivander's Wand because I am, first and foremost, a bloody nerd.) Now, of course, I've been back for a while and am embroiled in ... camping. No, not the dirty kind with the bugs and forest and general lack of comfort. No, I am in the midst of Camp NaNoWriMo. That thing writers do if they want to challenge every aspect of their creativity and time management skills

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