Waiting On The Rain

*Sigh* It just won't STOP! The day starts off bright, glorious, and warm, but by the mid-to-late afternoon, we have more water falling from the sky. This is the cost of having 70 degree weather in January. Now, normally I wouldn't mind. I work all day anyway, and I'm pretty good about taking my umbrella with me. However, there is the fact that I'm trying to find a good day to get the cover pictures taken for Hawthorn. That requires a little bit of Mother Nature's cooperation. None of which I am getting. On the other hand, more time for editing. During a normal edit, I can take about two solid days to get through the draft and find what isn't working. What takes longer is passages that need t

Rewrite Complete

Today is the day I finally get to go on a break. Why? Because the official rewrite of Book 4 in the Prideful Magick Collection, Hawthorn, is complete. Now, I will be the first to admit that it is long, long, long overdue. The reason for that is because I screwed up. Big. You see, I first wrote the PMC when I was 20. Hawthorn was written literally five years ago. Then I set the series aside for years before going back and working on them individually. Still, I knew the stories all the way up to the end. I didn't stick to the story. This past November, during NaNoWriMo, my goal was to rewrite Hawthorn and then have it ready for publication by the spring. I got 213 pages into it before I realiz

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