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Prideful Magick Collection

The Prideful Magick Collection follows the adventures of Alexandria "Lex" Ryder.  As she grows into a powerful young witch, she faces opposition and adversaries at every turn.  Sometimes her obstacles come in the form of other people, and sometimes she is her own worst enemy.  Despite it all, she clings to her Ryder Pride and works to maintain her balance.

Ivy cover
Prideful Magick Collection (Book One)

ISBN-13: 978-1-5173-8614-6​

This is how a house in New England should look.


It is the first thought nine-year-old Alexandria Ryder has when she sees her new home. Covered with lush ivy, she can't help but feel as if it is concealing something beneath the thick foliage. A mystery that will sink its claws into her that very first night.


A spirit from 1922 still trails the halls of the aging house, and she has enlisted Alexandria's aid in setting her free. Yet, it will take far more nerve and skill than even Lex's Ryder Pride can conjure. For that, she seeks out Morgan, the Witch of Old Grove Road. With her help, she may finally discover the secrets beneath the ivy.

Oleander cover


Prideful Magick Collection (Book Two)

ISBN-13: 978-1-5349-0869-7

There is a fine line between truth and magick.

At the age of thirteen, most young witches are being groomed to enter a Coven; not getting ready to Ascend. Which is why Alexandria Ryder wants no distractions from her magick or her mentor when a vision reveals a potent summer on the horizon. Then Matthew Graham walks into her life, setting her senses on edge. Even her magick doesn’t know how to handle the new emotions he evokes, and her control begins to slip.

When the Ascension passes, however, everything changes. While the power around her grows, a devastating loss threatens to tear her world apart. Embroiled in events that have found her guilty in the court of public opinion, Lex has to learn the hard way that truth may be a matter of perception.

Valerian cover


Prideful Magick Collection (Book Three)

ISBN-13: 978-1-5405-3857-4

One day, I would pay the balance for the damage done.  When I was done inflicting it.


Alexandria Ryder used to know what life had in store for her–an assurance that is torn from her grasp when her parents drag her across the country in a desperate bid to escape her past. A hope she is quick to destroy. Used as a crutch and a weapon, Lex abuses the magick inside of her. The price for which she must pay.


Rox is just the girl with the dyed hair and snakebites, and that’s how Lex needs her to stay if she is to avoid the ghost that hovers between them. When the haunting turns from passive to active, however, the choice is stripped from her. It is too high a cost for someone who can’t help anyone until she helps herself. Every decision comes with consequences. Alexandria is counting the days until she pays for hers.

Hawthorn cover


Prideful Magick Collection (Book Four)

ISBN-13: 978-1-9781-1393-0

For the first time, the rest of my life didn’t seem so far away. 
Nine months are all that stand between Alexandria Ryder and her return to Cedar Creek. With graduation inching closer and her eighteenth birthday on the horizon, her patience is wearing thin. After a year of keeping her magick restrained, she longs for the day when she can set it free. 
When Lex learns she’s not the only witch in town, that day seems much closer. Grant is the hometown of Crone’s Crescent Coven, and Grey Walker is the ‘Prince.’ From the moment their eyes meet, an irrevocable bond is forged between them. Despite her attempts, it is an arrangement Lex can’t escape. It’s an opportunity that Grey won’t pass up. And somewhere in the middle of the tension, Lex begins to learn that her life is made up of moments; not just memories and expectations.

Avens cover


Prideful Magick Collection (Book Five)

ISBN-13: 978-1-7944-2869-0

I’d forgotten what it was to feel so alive.


Alexandria Ryder is home. After nearly four years away, she has found her way back to Cedar Creek and Nathan. Right away, she allows the euphoria of her return to obscure the reason for it. Until Lex is able to face the reality of her pregnancy, she is willing to lose herself in all that’s familiar.


The trouble is, Cedar Creek isn’t familiar anymore. When new witches bring new magick to her hometown, it awakens more than one old mystery. Given her new discoveries, Lex finds she needs Nathan now more than ever.


The past and present are intertwined when the worlds of Mary Sullivan and Alexandria Ryder collide.

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