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Valerian Release Day

It is finally here! The day I have waited months for. (Years if you count how long ago all of the original drafts were written.) Now, I am finally able to share with you Book 3 in the Prideful Magick Collection.

What I find funny about all of this now is the fact that I haven't really discussed what any of my books are about. I don't really even post the synopsis everywhere like I do the covers and all that. Good thing there's a bit of a Release Day party going on over at Facebook. So if you pop over on that, I'm going to be going a little more in-depth about what the Prideful Magick Collection is about, and the stages of life Lex is enduring through each book.

Of course, if you're more interested in just going out and purchasing Valerian in either paperback or Kindle formats, well who am I to stop you?

Also, don't forget that today is the LAST DAY for the Ivy and Oleander giveaways happening over on Goodreads! So glad to see the amount of traffic on these books.

Again, please stop over at the event on Facebook. I would love to interact with everyone today.

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