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A tarot-inspired illustration of a middle eastern woman holding an athame in her left hand and a scroll in her right.
Demon Kin: The Queen cover

After so long, and many years of rewrites, Demon Kin: The Queen will finally be available on October 17, 2023!

I know, this book release has been a long time coming, but it's been worth the wait. I hope. *Fingers crossed.*

To give you some idea of what it's about, I will now sprinkle pictures throughout this entire post while I go into greater detail about the creative process. Please enjoy...

Whenever someone asks me what DK:TQ is about, I always have a deer-in-the-headlights moment. Not because I don't know how to describe the book–I don't know how to describe it concisely. When I wrote the original draft, I became enamored with the lore I had created and I have so much hope that others will become as instantly intrigued with the demon kin we come to see. So when someone asks the simplest of questions, I just want to gush everything.

So, after much trial and error, the short answer is:

That's it. That's the book.

It is about a Demon Wife willing to sacrifice herself and every other person around her to keep one being safe. In the process, she does some seriously evil things. And she won't apologize for it. As my favorite line from the series says:

As far as genre is concerned, I would say that DK:TQ is a Dark Adult Paranormal Novel. What that basically means is that it contains some truly heinous things with equally catastrophic consequences. For a more broken down look, I offer you the Content Warning page:

(Yes, there is a Content Warning, because we don't have to be dicks to each other, and I'm trying my best to find the audience that would best enjoy this work.)

If I'm going to be honest, DK:TQ isn't my favorite. It's not my favorite book to read. It's not my favorite to write. Nor is it ever going to be the best thing I've ever written.

What it will always be, however, is that one book I can come back to and read when I'm feeling a little murder-happy.

Some books will register with many. Most will hit hard for only a few. I recognize and acknowledge that this book will probably be in the latter category. (I'll still be hoping for the former.)

To help recognize whether or not you're likely to be one of the ones who truly enjoy it, I've created a bingo card to help identify some of its themes:

Demon Kin: The Queen in itself will find a home with a niche audience. That doesn't mean that the rest of the Demon Kin novels (yes, there will be more) will need the same considerations or cover the same kind of sensitive topics. (Mostly, there will be sex and violence. And swearing. Can't forget the swearing...)

For a toe dipped into this world and setting the stage for demon kin lore, I could have done way worse.

*Glances at first draft of DK* Oh wait ... I did.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that, while this is not a book likely to undergo multiple rereads, I'm proud of it. I'm glad to release it and introduce you all to this world I've spent roughly four years in now.

And if you try it and it's simply not for you... Well, in Reia's words:


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