Avens Photoshoot

MY COPIES ARE IN!!! And they look fabulous!! Want proof? You're getting it anyway: It's so amazing to me that we've come this far. It's been eight years in the making, but we're finally there. This story wraps up all of Lex's life and means that I can move on to other things. It's both surreal and bittersweet. But I'm glad that I can finally call this series complete. Thank you to everyone who has followed along with Lex's magickal excursions and anyone who has been rooting us on throughout this project. It is more appreciated than you know, and more than I can express. And now I think I have a little reading to do...

Avens Available In Paperback

So it is finally official! As of March 7, 2019, the paperback of Avens is now available! So here's a shameless link drop. Click and order here. Of course, I wish I could have announced this at a much earlier date, but alas Createspace (now strictly KDP) has a lot of issues with the interior. Especially where margins and bleed are concerned. And even if you follow their specific instructions a dozen times they usually find something wrong with it. What's really annoying about this is that it is IMPOSSIBLE then to predict the actual release. Because KDP does not tell you any of these issues prior to you trying to actually publish the book. Which is why only the Kindle version was released on t

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