Bookaversary Giveaways

This Samhain/Halloween, Ivy will be celebrating its second bookaversary! To celebrate, I am hosting three separate giveaways over on Goodreads for Ivy, Oleander, and Valerian. The giveaways run from October 20th to the 31st. Ivy has two copies available, while Oleander and Valerian have one copy available each. To enter, just click on the links below, and don't forget to add them to your TBR lists! Or drop a review if you've already been immersed in this world. Ivy Giveaway Oleander Giveaway Valerian Giveaway And since the power just went out while I was in the middle of writing this, that's my cue to conserve battery life and get off the computer. So, thank you for reading, feel free to sha

Hawthorn Cover Reveal

Blessed Friday the 13th everyone! May your days be truly wicked. In this case, I can definitely say that mine will be, and you all know why. Today is the official cover reveal and release date announcement for Hawthorn, Book Four in my Prideful Magick Collection! Also, I'll be revealing the title of Book Five and the few plans we have in regards to that one, so don't just click off of this after you see the GORGEOUS image brought to you by my own personal Superwoman, Chrissy! Are you ready? Should I drag out the suspense? Nope, it'll kill me. HERE YOU ARE: It's so beautiful! I still can't believe it's my cover. Over the course of four books, each one has only gotten better, and this one is t

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