Procrastination On Track

So, it's NaNo ... I'm a few days ahead ... which means I procrastinate. A lot. I reread books. I read new books. I tweak my old books. I tweak friends' books. It's a thing. This time, I went full out on tweaking my own. All because scrivener has it so that I can take files in it and transform them into Kindle books. That's right, if you want a kindle version of something I've written, let me know. I can do that now. *wink wink* It started with Bridge Walker, but it didn't end there. You see, once I figured out how to tweak things on this, I found out how to nudge a few more things into place. Now, one of my all time favorite books that I have written, XXY, is on my Kindle! XXY is one of thos

Dreamcrafter Snippet

Okay, so I feel like I should warn you all a little about Istas and how Dreamcrafter is going so far. The truth of it is that we're a couple days ahead of schedule and it's fantastic. Once I learned how to deal with Istas as a narrator, it all started to work out beautifully. Perhaps the best part of Istas as a narrator is that she leaves these little snippets in the openings of the chapters. While the body of the story is written in past tense, these openings are fully in the present, and are what let us know that what happens in 'Before' is in fact her past. She also really likes to hint at things to come. Well, last night I ended up having to stop near the end of the previous chapter to g

Comfort Zone Collapse

Well, I was determined to stop in today and at least update this. So here I am, and I have actual things to share. So let's get started. First of all, Cibola didn't work out. Not sure why. As excited as I was for the project and as much as the pieces of the history seemed to fall into place, I couldn't write it. So now it is a project that must be pushed back. Until I have a better understanding of how the story is unfolding and which actions are relevant, I'm willing to let it sulk in silence. That being said, I have not given up on NaNoWriMo. I've been doing this since 2011 and I'll be damned if I give up now. So allow me to introduce you to Dreamcrafter. She is the mistress of dreams. He

Bookaversary/NaNo Updates

First of all: HAPPY BOOKAVERSARY TO IVY!! Honestly, it feels like Ivy has always been out in the world, and I don't even remember which year we are on now. Literally just checked the copyright date and realized IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS! I can hardly believe it. Three years since the PMC has found a toehold in the publishing world. So much has happened with it since then, too. Now, the final book in Lex's tale is about to be released and I'm not sure how that day is going to affect me, either. I guess we'll find out. Onto other news, tomorrow is the first day of NaNoWriMo and I thought I would drop by to give you some insight into what I plan to do with my entire November (and probably the rest

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