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Mexico Trip Pt. 2: Ocean Dives

As I said before, my bf and I choose vacation spots based upon our diving. We paid a lot of money for the classes and equipment and we like to have opportunities to use them. So when we decided on Mexico, we looked for dive companies almost before we looked at resorts. Therefore, we were quick to decide on a resort that had a dive shop on site.

The day after we arrived, we scheduled all the things we wanted to do during our trip. Our COVID tests were scheduled while we were being registered for our room, so we knew that last day would just be a relaxing day. Other than that, we're adventurous travelers. We love going to new places and seeing and doing everything. Even the annual family trip to Florida means that we will be going diving or to a theme park almost every single day of the vacation. We do not just sit around and chill. (Which means I also am unable to sleep in whenever we're on vacation.)

When we checked out the dive center, Dressel Divers, we were able to book 2 ocean dives and 2 cenote dives. For the ocean dives, we went in the morning to Barracuda which is a reef dive. In the afternoon we went to the wreck of the Mama Vina. The cool thing about the Mama Vina is that we were able to swim through it, but it felt very crowded, so I wouldn't say that it was the best dive I've ever been on. The cenotes, on the other hand, were incredible and I would love to dive those again.

Our cenotes dives were done at Dos Ojos. First, we went to the Bat Cave. I only have footage for that one since my GoPro battery died before we could do the second dive known as the Barbie Line. For reasons. Which I will not share.

What follows will be the best parts of the ocean dives. Cenotes dives to follow in a separate post.


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