B&B Unveiling

THE BASICS Title: Birds & Butterflies Series: 4 parts Created: November 2015 (NaNoWriMo) ~ Summer 2016 Genre: YA Medieval Fantasy Sample Blurb: One princess seeking liberation. One peasant seeking to change the world. One rebel seeking to protect his people. One prince seeking to rebuild a failing nation. A story of identity, love, compassion, and treachery. What makes kingdoms, and what brings them to their knees? Who decides who is worthy, and who is not? Where is the line between bravery and stupidity drawn? When the cost of ambition is sacrifice, who will survive? Birds are born to fly. Butterflies earn their wings. HOW IT BEGAN Two images on Facebook. That's where our story begins. I do

Aesthetic Mode Engaged

So, I finally asked a friend how to do a thing today. This will now, absolutely, become an obsession. My poor computer's memory is about to despise me. I learned how to make WIP aesthetics. From this wonderful Twitter thread by Jessica Froberg. (And now you can all learn, too. Haha, no regrets.) If you don't understand what a story aesthetic really is, I'll give you two words: photo collage. Basically this: Since I'm new at this, obviously I started with ones for the PMC. Issue with this one, though, is that I didn't get the balance of light and dark just right. So I tried again with this one: Still not the best, but I enjoyed it pretty well. The real difficult part is gathering appropriate

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