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Demon Kin

In a world where demons have come to reign, there is still one thing they have to fear: Demon Wives. In the city of Fading, young Wives are turned into weapons while those that teach them overcome struggles of their own.

DK The Queen book cover2.png

Demon Kin: The Queen

ISBN 13: 9798397672801

Cover Art: Michelle Guerrero


Reia Desiderio is a Demon Wife, a witch, and the headmistress of Fading Training Academy. None of which matters. Above all, she is a mother.

In an effort to spare her children the fate of all demon kin, she makes a sacrifice only true love would demand: she gives them away.

As difficult as it was to separate her sons from herself, the bond between a Wife and her daughter is impossible to break. From the moment Reia learns she carries a girl, it is a connection she is desperate to sever. To offer her child a future free of demons, Reia must be willing to do demonic things.

Set against the clock of her pregnancy, she must rediscover a stolen prophecy, solve the mystery of a hidden Wife, blackmail an old enemy, and forge a deal with the witches of Blackwood. All so she can save her daughter from herself.

Even if she succeeds, the greatest threat to them all is still waiting in the shadows. When the demon Arius resurfaces to claim his child, it is with an army at his back. To save her daughter, Reia must send her species to the slaughter. To kill a King, she must emerge a Queen.

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