Demon Kin

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Demon Kin: The Queen

ISBN 13:

Cover Art: Michelle Guerrero


Reia is a mother before all else. It doesn’t matter that she is a Demon Wife or witch or Headmistress. When she asks herself who she is, that is the only answer that matters.

And as any good mother would do, she gave her children the best life they could have: one without her in it.

It was easy enough to separate her sons from herself, but the bond between a Wife and her daughter is impossible to break. From the moment she learns she carries a girl, it is a bond she is desperate to sever. To offer her child a future free of demons, Reia must be willing to do demonic things.

Set against the clock of her pregnancy, she must rediscover a stolen prophecy, solve the mystery of a hidden Wife, blackmail an old enemy, and forge a deal with the witches of Blackwood. All so she can save her daughter from herself.

But the greatest threat to them all is nowhere to be found for ten long years. When the demon Arius resurfaces to claim his child, it is with an army at his back. To save her daughter, Reia must send her species to the slaughter. To kill a King, she must emerge a Queen.