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Demon Kin: The Queen Release

a banner showcasing the cover of demon kin: the queen in paperback and ebook formats with the words 'it's here' between them. Below the images it says 'Available for free on kindle unlimited' and above the images are the words 'welcome to a new world where demon wives help humans survive.'
It's Here banner

Well, thanks to my site acting up, I wasn't able to post this yesterday (the actual release day). Today, however, I am happy to say that Demon Kin: The Queen is finally available for purchase! Which really means I'm saying: I FINALLY PUBLISHED ANOTHER BOOK!!

To be honest, it took a long time to get here and DK:TQ has been through 2 whole rewrites since the first draft. Both of which took about a year apiece (because, once I know a story, I have a very difficult time going back over it in rewrites). Now that it's out, there's this huge weight lifted off of me. I'm so excited that it's finally in the world and ready for readers. And also, I don't have to read it again for several more years unless I really want to. But right now, I don't.

To warn you, as of this moment, Demon Kin: The Queen is really only available on Amazon. This is because I published through KDP and have enrolled the ebook into Kindle Unlimited, meaning it has to be there exclusively for at least 90 days. To be honest, I'm not savvy enough on other platforms to offer it in other places (yet!) and KU at least allows me the ability to create special promotions and deals, so I might stick with it as I have for the entire PMC.

You are able, however, to request it from local booksellers and perhaps libraries. Most will be happy to accommodate you in all of your reading endeavors.

Okay, I'm going to give you one other fun fact and then I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite scenes out of the whole book. Ready? Okay, so when I uploaded the epub file to KDP, they asked me to review it and pointed out that there was ONE possible error. In the entire book, Kindle flagged one possible error ... and wouldn't tell me what it was. So, if you are one of the sharp-eyed individuals who catch this most impressive mistake (I'm not looking for it or re-uploading a file. I'm super impressed with whatever made it past all the edits, so it deserves to stay.) then I want a screenshot! There may be a reward for whoever finds it first. Just saying.

All right, to wrap this up, I leave you with this scene...

the back of a tarot card featuring five circles made up of words with a black circle going through all of them. the top circle has 'demons' repeating, to the right the circle says 'Wives', below that the circle says 'humans' and to its left is 'witches' with above it being 'kin'. Traveling through all of the circles is the word 'queen'.
tarot card back

“I’ve considered it,” Marcus admitted.

Wyatt cocked his head to the side and watched them with a chilling intensity, but said nothing.

It was Dylan who demanded, “What prophecy?”

Nick glanced askance at him and shrugged. “You are young and never classed up. You would not have been privy to the information.”

“What prophecy?” Reia repeated, loading some steel into her voice.

Marcus offered up his charming smile to appease her. He seemed to have forgotten that his act didn’t work so well on her. When he saw the scowl on her face, his features automatically transformed to chagrin.

Then he said, “Prophecies, like all knowledge we demon kin possess, are closely guarded pieces of information. Even more so because they are the harbingers of our future. Therefore, each of us must seek it out over many years and build our knowledge as we build our classes.”

“Nice speech. It doesn’t answer my question. Want to try that again?”

“There is one prophecy that each demon attempts to discover. It is done by trading information for a verse or finding those who know one and torturing them into revealing it,” Nick told her.

“What is this prophecy about?”

Nick shook his head. “I do not know the name for it, but I have heard that it involves the rebirth of the Mother of Demons.”

Reia’s eyebrows rose and her gaze speared Marcus in place. He was the oldest and he’d reached class eight. Even if it was handed out in pieces, he’d have collected the most.

“Tell me,” she commanded.

Time lost its meaning as she continued her staring contest with the former demon. She could almost see the gears working in his mind.

Was it worth it to piss her off and potentially die in this restaurant? No one would care. One flick of spit in his direction and he’d be just another puddle to mop up. There wasn’t a single being that would object or berate her for it.

On the other hand, he had been a demon longer than any living being. He couldn’t care less. All he was wired to do was live, breed, and feed. Everything else was something to fill the day. But the way of demons was the way of the world: trade. Was it worth it to him to give up something for nothing?

She would have to make the decision for him.

Leaning forward in her seat, Reia lowered her voice so that only the kin could hear her. “You forget what I am, Marcus. I’m as much kin as you are, except that I would truly enjoy it if I had to stoop to demonic levels. Killing you would bring me no joy, but torturing you for information… I don’t know that I would ever stop laughing.”

His voice dropped into the same register. “You should not make threats to those you wish to coerce.”

“I apologize if I did not make our positions more clear. Allow me to enlighten you. I wasn’t fucking asking and you’re in no position to bargain. Tell me what you know. Now.”

Marcus spent a few precious seconds in contemplation. At last, he bowed his head in acquiescence.

“I am not aware of the entirety of the prophecy, but I do know a handful of verses as well as the original prophet. Would this information spare me your laughter?”

“It might. Go on.”


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