NaNoWriMo Complete

Well, I beat NaNo by the skin of my teeth. Managed to land 50,058 words of Death Wish in the wee hours of the morning of November 30. As per tradition, the whole next day I spent in a Sims4 coma. And the next day... So, really, I thought I was on a mini-vacation. Play some sims. Get some reading done. Relax for the rest of December while Betas are still catching up on "Death Wish". Then my sister called and said she was getting married. And it was going to cost $50/witness–of which there needed to be 2. Cue my mother and I heading to Canada for my sister's City Hall wedding. (They were both adorkably nervous. One gets quiet, the other gets loud. lol) In the single day of notice we got prior

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