Out Of My Hands

Well, it is now official. The dedication is finished. The acknowledgements written. And the copyright filed. Now it's all off to the formatter. It feels so surreal. I mean, it always does after I file for the copyright. Sure, sending it off for formatting and all that makes it feel like I've finally finished a book, but nothing seems as official as sending it to the government and going, "Look. See. This is mine. It's going to be a REAL book. Now I'm going to pay you to put it on record that it is mine. That way you can protect me." So, that's my news. Now my wife takes over from here and turns it into a marvelous creature you can all one day hold. On a less serious note, we always called he

Editing Complete

Well, it is official: Avens is done! The proofreaders are going to have one more thorough look at everything, then it will all be polished up for the formatter. Which means things like the dedication, copyright, and acknowledgments are all that are left for me to do. And, of course, keep everyone up to date. Then it goes through the proof copy process and then I can approve things, and then we all get a book! Of course the real fun things depends on others. Such as the cover. (Which, the reason I haven't announced a release date is because I want to wait on the cover. But people are busy and thus we all most make adjustments.) Okay, honestly, now I've run out of things to say. So I'm going t

Accidental Novel

Well, that's one more story off my to-do list. As of around 10pm on October 5, 2018, I was able to say that Bridge Walker was completed. To date, this is probably my most surprising novel. Simply for the fact that it was entirely accidental. You see, while I was in the midst of the anguish that was the Avens rewrite (first attempt which was then scratched) I decided to start a "fun project" for myself. Something I could escape to whenever necessary. So I chose to write a short story about Sarrie and Raydin's daughter. As you may have noticed by the picture, Bridge Walker is just one of many, many projects I have planned out. One of these said projects came with the knowledge that a certain c

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