Oops, I Did It Again

So I have mentioned this before on my FB page that I write almost exclusively with the help of Scrivener and Google Docs. I can no longer even look at a Word document without a sense of disdain for its superfluous bullshit. Alas, however, there is one advantage it has over my beloved Google Docs: it's offline. You see, when I edit, it is within the comforting realm of the Google world. This is because Docs makes it so easy to protect the document and share it with others, while only giving them certain rights. While editing Hawthorn D3 (Draft 3) I have it available for both of my emails to access, as well as a few of my friends who serve as beta readers/editors. The only downfall of this is

Dreaming of My World

Okay, story time: About two nights ago, I was having this really elaborate dream. I was traveling between continents, coming up against strange cultures and intense security ports. Almost got detained and imprisoned in a nation I considered my home, because I'd been away for a while in another country. Then, of course, I turn around and travel back to where I was because that was where my duties were. All of this occurred in Vassel. I dreamt about the world I created. I dreamt that I was in it. As an active character. Doing a job on foreign soil. I WAS A PROTAGONIST IN MY OWN WORLD! When I woke up, it was maddening, because this will likely never occur again, and that depresses me. Alas, I h

Oleander Bookaversary Giveaway

I can't believe it's been a year already. On June 30, 2016, I released Book Two of my Prideful Magick Collection. Today, Oleander turns 1 year old. It's amazing what has occurred in a year. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I would like to offer you the opportunity to enter a giveaway for two print copies of Oleander. Just follow this Goodreads link and enter for a chance to win! The giveaway goes from June 30 to July 10. Chance to win available only to USA residents this time around. (Sorry!) Best of luck to everyone who enters, and a massive THANK YOU for the support and encouragement I receive! To be honest, I'm still boggled by it. A year has passed so quickly. Where did the time go?

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