Cover Photo Fails

So I had fun today. Yes, that is meant to be as sarcastic as it sounds. In reality, I was an attempted feast for mosquitoes and injured by flipping off of a fallen tree. All in the name of cover photos. Let the story begin. First off, some back story for you: I have been behind a camera almost for as long as I have been a writer. First in film, then in digital. The cameras always got better, so that helped capture what I saw. While I shall never claim professional status, I know I take some pretty cool shots. (Some of the best ones are on accident.) (Also, here is a shameless plug to my DeviantArt page.) What I am not always comfortable with, however, is being in front of the camera. It's

Photo Failure

So, the weather hates me. For the past week, I've been trying to figure out the best time, location, and pose for the cover photo for Hawthorn. Guess what it's been doing for the past week? Temperature spikes, temperature drops, clouds, sun, rain, and some very vicious wind storms. And on my day off ... a massive temperature drop. Again: the weather hates me. However, it was nice on my gardening day (should have made it my picture day, but it is what it is) and decided in a random moment to climb the crabapple tree in my front yard to determine possible positioning of the Hawthorn cover. (In case you haven't caught on, I am the only available model in my area that barely matches Lex's

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