All the Snark

Not gonna lie, this is legit the saltiest, snarkiest thing I've ever written and I adore it completely. Without further ado, here's a fun little thing I wrote just now: MY KID WAS A YA MAIN CHARACTER AND I SURVIVED Interviewer: Ms. [REDACTED], I understand that your only child was a YA MC. Me: Yes. Interviewer: I have to say, I’m really surprised to be able to have this conversation. As I’m sure you’re aware, most YA parents are … um … rarely seen. Me: Because they’re dead. Interviewer (uncomfortable): Yes. Me: I know. Interviewer (clears throat): So, Ms. [REDACTED], can you tell us when you first realized your daughter was an MC? Me: It was right around when she hit puberty. See, our life

Writer Brain Happenings

Okay, so here's the thing: writer brain is weird. Sometimes, it grabs the most innocuous, unrelated things and turns them into a cohesive whole. You don't know why it exists, or how, but suddenly an idea is now fully formed and demands an outlet. That is currently my life. So now you're going to get a taste of it. To set the stage... I started writing Demon Kin as a fun book a long time ago. Mostly, I did it for the smut and blood scenes. Not even kidding. I think I was writing cute, loving things (probably Hawthorn or Avens) as my main project at the time, and I needed something gritty, dirty, sexy, and dark. If I'm going to be honest here, I don't remember when I started it or how the idea

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