Teaser Pics

Well, as editing is still underway, my Wonder Woman best friend (henceforth referred to as 'wife' ... again) decided to make up some teaser images for me. We have decided on a release date, but it probably won't be revealed until we do a cover release. (Which the wife is hard at work on. Between her two jobs, college, and boyfriend, of course. Also those several other projects she takes on because, again, she is freaking Wonder Woman!) So, without further ado ... LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES! (And feel free to share them ... everywhere.) Seriously, aren't they gorgeous? Yes, the orange is going to prominent on the last book in Lex's tale. So I am going to have some very colorful spines when I get

Cover Photos Taken

Well, it's that time of the process again where I break down and go get cover pictures done. As always, it is a process that involves lots of set-up and even more bug spray. Alas, out of eight-seven pictures taken, I am in the process of sending off twenty-four to my cover designer to see if any one of them are up to snuff. And if they aren't? Then I get the lovely task of heading out to the backroads to do it all again. A variety of poses. A couple of different hairstyles. And wearing the same dress and jewelry as this go around until it comes out all right. I really hope I don't have to do this again, lol. Now the tasks that befall us are picking images for the back cover. Several of which

Entering Editing

Well, it is official. The complete second draft of Avens has been written. I took a week off for the sake of my sanity. (Played a lot of Ark: Survival Evolved and some Uncharted 2.) Now, alas, it is time to dive into the editing. Lots of authors edit in different ways, but my go-to is always Google Docs. When you have friends with an internet connection but not Microsoft Word (because it is expensive and I hate it) then it is by far the best way to have long-distance friends help edit a work. Especially when you have rules set up for how Google Editing must be done for your manuscript. (Which we do: Editing Etiquette for Google Docs.) Considering that this is still the busy season, I'm not s

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