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Recommended Author of the Month

So here's the thing, I pay Wix (the site my domain is built through) to keep its nonsense off my website. This means eliminating the 'wix' from my domain site name as well as keeping their ads off my website. To me, this is a worthy investment.

Now, IndieApril has just passed. For those in the writing community, this means supporting all of those who are independently published (self-pub or small press, etc.) Most of us do this by buying books and leaving reviews. Unfortunately, because all my bills are deciding to hit at once, I chose to forego purchasing new books. (Also, my TBR would throw a substantial fit.)

My solution to this is to place my own curated ads on my own website. For now, this means only that you will find a Recommended Author of the Month on the home page. What that will contain is simply a name and a little about the author. Within the description, you'll also find a link to their website (look for their name being underlined). If they don't have a dedicated website, the link might also take you to a FB page or Twitter account. Obviously no one can make you check out these people or support them in any way. But this is me supporting them however I can. So thank you to anyone who chooses to join me in doing so. So now that we know what we're doing, please meet my first choice as Recommended Author of the Month:


You all knew this was coming didn't you?

If you didn't, for shame.

Jennifer is a talented, business-minded creator who knows exactly what she wants out of each book/series that she develops. And she's developed a lot. After sneaking over to her own website (linked here) and counting all of her creations, I learned that she's up to 16 with number 17 right around the corner. (Like all of us writers, I'm sure the actual number of books she's written is much higher, but these are the published ones.)

I also count her as a good friend of mine and I'm proud to say that I got to be part of the team that helped with many of those books. (And I fangirl the hardest over her assassin babes.)

To learn more about my author friend Jen and her extensive repertoire of YA Fantasy novels, please check out her website and other social media outlets.

And now I must go because the day job awaits. Yay.

Hope you all enjoy the new thing I'm doing. If you don't ... well it's my site and I'm gonna do what I want with it. So there!


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