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Deleting Wattpad

It's been almost eight years since I joined Wattpad. It's been eight years since I really started developing Vassel. A whole world with all that history ... because I was on a Jane Austen kick and started Lazarus. Yet another project I have yet to finish, but which spawned so much more. I wish I was more nostalgic about it than this blog is making it sound. The truth, however, is that I like writing to an active audience and after Miss Literati started going downhill, Wattpad was the next natural step. Except that it is so much more difficult to find readers on Wattpad. More people are there to share their work than read that of others. I know. I was one of them.

For years, I floated through the Wattpad scene, but never really engaged. I didn't have time. Just like I don't have time to constantly record/upload videos to Youtube. Some things just aren't realistic marketing platforms, and for me Wattpad wasn't worth the effort.

Therefore, I've decided to delete it.

The date for this is not yet set. It might not be for a while yet (Procrastination Queen is me). But I wanted the warning to be out there. For a limited time, my freebies will remain available on the site. Then that will all change once this site gets its full update. (Which won't happen until I finally write a decent DK:TQ blurb.)

Other than my lack of attention to it, one more reason I'm taking down my Wattpad is that I've been reconsidering the future of many of the projects available on the site. And until things seem more definitive, I'm not saying any more about that.

Now I have to go write. The book. The blurb. Something...



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