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Dreamcrafter Snippet

Okay, so I feel like I should warn you all a little about Istas and how Dreamcrafter is going so far. The truth of it is that we're a couple days ahead of schedule and it's fantastic. Once I learned how to deal with Istas as a narrator, it all started to work out beautifully.

Perhaps the best part of Istas as a narrator is that she leaves these little snippets in the openings of the chapters. While the body of the story is written in past tense, these openings are fully in the present, and are what let us know that what happens in 'Before' is in fact her past. She also really likes to hint at things to come.

Well, last night I ended up having to stop near the end of the previous chapter to go and write the opening of the next. Then I went back to the previous chapter and didn't bother with the opening again until this morning when I reread it, realized how much I loved it, and shared it with a beta reader. Well my beta loves it too and we got to discussing it a bit.

The result of which is that I now have the linked scene from Disney's Hercules stuck in my head. You probably will too once I've dropped this snippet for you. And so, without any further ado, I give you some small insight into the mind of a Dreamcrafter:

Never underestimate the power of human connection.

It’s the only reason we keep going. The only reason we bother to wake up the next morning and do it all again. It’s what separates the dreams from the nightmares.

The problem with him and I is that we have too much of a connection when we are asleep. What incentive do we have, then, to wake up?

When we do wake up, all we want is to see one another again.

He calls it love.

I call it obsession.

Neither of us would trade the world for a different connection.

In fact, we traded it for more of each other, not less.

And soon, you will learn what I mean. But not before you learn the rest of me.

See what I mean? Cryptic, isn't she? I also really love the implied notion that she's not going to call it love, no matter what anyone else says. Hence the need for the clip.

And now I have to go finish this chapter. Have fun, folks. And remember that you can read all of this on Wattpad!

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