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Accidental Novel

Well, that's one more story off my to-do list. As of around 10pm on October 5, 2018, I was able to say that Bridge Walker was completed.

To date, this is probably my most surprising novel. Simply for the fact that it was entirely accidental. You see, while I was in the midst of the anguish that was the Avens rewrite (first attempt which was then scratched) I decided to start a "fun project" for myself. Something I could escape to whenever necessary.

So I chose to write a short story about Sarrie and Raydin's daughter.

As you may have noticed by the picture, Bridge Walker is just one of many, many projects I have planned out. One of these said projects came with the knowledge that a certain character is, in fact, descended from Sarrie. Which was how I knew Ryin existed and that the events of True Rider were real. But then I realized that this particular character was more likely to come from desert stock. Which meant that Sarrie must have had a desert child, too. For that to happen, it had to be a daughter. Thus, that logic is how I learned that Tallie existed.

Now, the fun thing about Tallie was that she never, ever, ever, ever let me have my way. Ever. Believe me, I tried. At first, the story was called "Eagle Kin" and it sat blank for a solid few weeks before I realized that my idea of a girl who tries to tame and fly a Desert Eagle wasn't even remotely possible. Much less what happened.

And then, like all these things do, it began with the first sentence. The introduction for both myself and the reader into the life of this young woman. From that point on, I was stuck.

The biggest thing about Tallie was that she was against rushing this story. If I tried to end it too soon (which I did ... twice) she would grind everything to a halt until I put things back where they belonged. There was only one entire scene that she let me pull, and that's because it didn't really happen like that, but she was giving me my 'daydream' moment. (Thanks for that.)

Thus, that is how I accidentally wrote a novel. A whole 62,310 words because Tallie thinks every little detail is important.

Of course, when I first started on this journey with her, I didn't realize just how important the later events would become. In fact, they are almost pivotal to a series I intend to write later on. Who would have thought, huh?

But that's how writing goes, sometimes. You never know where you'll end up.

Well, now I have to go and get it all uploaded to Wattpad. Link provided on the Stories page as well as here if you feel like indulging.

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