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Aesthetic Mode Engaged

So, I finally asked a friend how to do a thing today. This will now, absolutely, become an obsession. My poor computer's memory is about to despise me.

I learned how to make WIP aesthetics. From this wonderful Twitter thread by Jessica Froberg. (And now you can all learn, too. Haha, no regrets.)

If you don't understand what a story aesthetic really is, I'll give you two words: photo collage.

Basically this:

Since I'm new at this, obviously I started with ones for the PMC. Issue with this one, though, is that I didn't get the balance of light and dark just right. So I tried again with this one:

Still not the best, but I enjoyed it pretty well. The real difficult part is gathering appropriate photos and then deciding how they best fit together. Two of the sites I used were recommended by a friend of mine. They are Pixabay and Unsplash. They have a lot of free to use (for personal reasons) photos. To put them together, I went to Canva and followed the directions from the Twitter thread.

Now, once I got the hang of it, I decided to go ahead and make some aesthetics for one of my current side projects, Demon Kin. This is the first one and I think it's my favorite thus far:

Now I can honestly say that few people reading this blog currently know what Demon Kin is about, so I'd appreciate a comment on what thoughts the aesthetics evoked. That is, after all, the point of them.

Since this blog post is not about DK, I will not actually be going into further detail about it until I'm reasonably certain I'm going to stick with it for a while. (Since I'm getting Publishing Withdrawal, I'm trying to keep with it so that I have something to release either later this year or early next year.) That said, here's the last aesthetic and I'm going to leave the blog post at that:

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