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Teaser Pics

Well, as editing is still underway, my Wonder Woman best friend (henceforth referred to as 'wife' ... again) decided to make up some teaser images for me. We have decided on a release date, but it probably won't be revealed until we do a cover release. (Which the wife is hard at work on. Between her two jobs, college, and boyfriend, of course. Also those several other projects she takes on because, again, she is freaking Wonder Woman!)

So, without further ado ... LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES! (And feel free to share them ... everywhere.)

Seriously, aren't they gorgeous? Yes, the orange is going to prominent on the last book in Lex's tale. So I am going to have some very colorful spines when I get to finally stack them all up. (Expect another major photo shoot when I get my proof copy!)

Okay, I had nothing else relevant to say. I just had to show this to all of you. Again, please feel free to share it!


I don't think I've mentioned before how important reviews are to authors and their works, so I'm going to take a second to mention it now. Reviews are the internet version of word-to-mouth, and there remains no better way to sell something than to recommend it. So please, don't hesitate to tell everyone you know about books you love or think they would enjoy. Whether in reviews or in person, it means something to people you've never even met. And we appreciate it indefinitely!

That being said, a MASSIVE "THANK YOU!!!" to a reviewer named Tammy on Amazon. I don't often check my reviews because it saddens me how few there are. But with reviews such as yours on Ivy and Oleander... I almost cried. Thank you so much!

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