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Waiting On The Rain

*Sigh* It just won't STOP! The day starts off bright, glorious, and warm, but by the mid-to-late afternoon, we have more water falling from the sky. This is the cost of having 70 degree weather in January.

Now, normally I wouldn't mind. I work all day anyway, and I'm pretty good about taking my umbrella with me. However, there is the fact that I'm trying to find a good day to get the cover pictures taken for Hawthorn. That requires a little bit of Mother Nature's cooperation. None of which I am getting.

On the other hand, more time for editing. During a normal edit, I can take about two solid days to get through the draft and find what isn't working. What takes longer is passages that need to be rewritten or reworked. The stage we're at now is my D1 stage, which is where I go through the Draft 1 and look for things to cut. As of this moment, Hawthorn is sitting around a very unhealthy 97k words. I need to fix that.

Under normal circumstances, I would have had time to distance myself from the project enough to edit it. I would prefer a few months, at least, before I have to go into immediate edits, so that the flaws really jump out at me. As it is, my error in judgment over the winter has cost me that time, but I'm hopeful that with a few extra set of eyes, it'll prove to be less frightening than it at first appears.

Alas, time to get on with it. At least the rain makes sure I get that much done...

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