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As I said during the last post, I had plans of updating my website and deleting Wattpad. Well, that day is today. Thankfully, Wix has it set up to where I can make small changes over time and then implement them all at once, which is what I have been doing. For months.

Obviously, there are still things that need to be done.

The cover for Demon Kin: The Queen has not yet been fully completed. You'll notice that the artwork is all over the website, but it remains in its basic form until my cover designer has finished tweaking it. Once it is completed, then the site will be updated with the new images, but that's all the real change it will undergo at that time.

Currently what has been done is as follows: 1. The home page has been updated to showcase DK:TQ. 2. A page has been created for the Demon Kin books.

3. The STORIES page has been eliminated and replaced with a page under BOOKS entitled 'Free'.

4. Several stories have been removed as a free option. (This has been explained in the previous post about deleting Wattpad.) 5. The BOOKS page has undergone some renovation to better showcase what is available. 6. Lastly, I changed the background of the blog post options.

That is it for what is done for the moment. As soon as the cover is finalized, I will be updating the blog and making a featured post discussing all things Demon Kin: The Queen. At that time, I also plan on announcing a release date. (Which we hope and pray Amazon will not delay like usual...) So thank you for reading this update and I hope you go on to explore the website and its new updates. Now I must get back to writing, or it won't be Amazon pulling a delay...


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