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All The Spoilery Things

A while ago I had drafted a blog post regarding Demon Kin: The Queen ... and soon came to the realization that it was filled with less 'enticing' content rather than 'spoilery' 'behind the scenes' content. So I had to delete it. Haven't begun reworking it yet, but it got me to thinking: I never got to do that post for the Prideful Magick Collection.

I want to do that. More than anything, because reader engagement is literally what I publish books for. (Notice I said 'publish' not 'write'. I write for me, because I enjoy these things. I publish because I want to engage with others about the things going on in my head. Make sense?)

Recently, a memory on Facebook made me realize that it has been 2 years since Avens was released. Which means it's been 2 years since I last published a book. (No wonder I'm going through withdrawal!)

What this then prompted me to do was look at the release dates for all five of the PMC. They are: Ivy ~ October 31, 2015

Oleander ~ June 30, 2016

Valerian ~ December 19, 2016

Hawthorn ~ November 30, 2017

Avens ~ January 21, 2019

Ivy is 5 years old already. Which means that I could have been having meaningful discourse about it for years. Why didn't I? Because when I write a series, I write all of the books at one time before breaking them into their separate components and doing the rewrites and edits.

So while readers were just being introduced to Lex and Cedar Creek, I already knew ALL THE ANSWERS and I would have spoiled MAJOR THINGS because that's who I am as a person.

But the last book has been out for 2 years now. If I spoil anyone at this point, that's their own fault. They had time and opportunity to read all 5, so I mean...

What all of this rambling comes to is a warning: Beware A PMC Spoiler Post is in your future. Just not tonight. Because I've already stayed up too late writing this instead of working on DK:TQ. So goodnight!


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