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Publishing Withdrawal

So it's been awhile. Not much going on. Guess a life update might not be too much to ask for.

Well, in November 2019 I quit my primary day job. I'd been there for almost ten years, but my patience was not what it once was so I decided it was time to move on. So my plan was to take the winter off and find a new job in the spring. Of 2020. You can see where this is going...


Spring 2020: Quarantine

Spring 2020: Massive lay-offs

Spring 2020: Zero interested parties hiring (outside of the medical field)

Yup. 2020 literally set everyone's plans on fire.

Ironically, even with everything shut down and "quarantine" in full effect, my tiny town has been BOOMING since March. Why? Because when told to "stay at home" all of the people who got laid off decided it was the perfect time to visit family cabins they hadn't been to in damn near a decade.

Now, every summer, my bosses (secondary job) hire extra help. Just summer help. No big deal. An extra cashier and an extra stock person.

The 'Accepting Application' sign has been up on the bulletin board since March. Very, very, very few people applied. Of those, we could trust absolutely none of them.

It was during this upsurge of "where are we going to get any decent help?" that I offered myself. I was home. Not working. Not making any money and feeling like I was a drain on my household. (I've worked since I was 18 and have contributed as much as I could to household expenses from that time, so when my savings started getting scarce, I started feeling like a huge burden and it was not helpful to my depression.) At last, lightbulbs went off and I got asked to fill in.

So here it is. My grand excuse for the lack of blog posts: I've been busy.

This does not mean, however, that I have been unproductive on the writing front. If you notice, I changed the banner on the front page (beneath the PMC is finished portion) to hint at future works to come. This is because I am going through major publishing withdrawal.

Ever since I started publishing my books, I look at each one to see what value it has and whether or not I want to put in all the work necessary to publish. Some books take longer to reach this level than others. That said, I do put some on a faster track than others.

"Demon Kin" is going to be on that fast track. Because of my desire to publish, I really want to have something released in the year 2021. As early as possible.

This means that I've been researching different places to print (other than Amazon), I've been scouting out cover artists (even though I have no idea what I want my cover to look like), and I've been pushing towards finishing the first draft before September. Afterward, I won't be letting it sit like I have other books, and will instead dive straight into editing. All of this because I'm impatient and really just want to have another book available.

And now I think that concludes the update. I need to get back to writing. Thank you for reading.

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