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Avens Release Day

It's heeeeeerrrreee!!! Available on Amazon!

Okay, so the Kindle edition is live, but the paperback is a few days off. Let me explain why this is...

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) does this cute little thing where, once you input all of your stuff, they review it in 72 hours and then IMMEDIATELY publish it. They don't give you the option for them to review it and then you hold off until the actual release date. This eliminates your ability to have any paperbacks available for pre-order, as well. Needless to say, they've still got some kinks to work out.

That being said, I decided to risk it and didn't submit everything until midnight yesterday. (Because even though they say 72 hrs, it's more like 24.) I was hoping everything would be smooth sailing and it would publish today with no hassle.

No go. Even though my formatter has dealt with their shit 4 other times now, they still somehow manage to screw us up. And it's always the same issue: image bleed and margins. So now we've got to go ahead and fix those, resubmit, and then hopefully within 24hrs the paperback will also be live.

So expect another release day post when that happens!

Also expect me to get super sentimental because I just realized ... this is the first series I ever completed as well as the first I ever published.

Yup, that just hit me the other night. So you'll probably read about that at a later date...

Again, I'm begging you to share this around and make people aware of it. After all, you can now go to this link and buy the entire series for your Kindle for less than $15.

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