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Day 5 and Pre-Order

So I have really fun news alongside the quote picture.

Yesterday, I managed to get everything for the kindle version set up. Well, as it happens, I was able to get it all submitted and actually be able to set up the release date. (Which I didn't know how to do prior to then.) What this actually means now is that the kindle version of Avens is up for Pre-Order! So if you are interested in having it delivered to your kindle immediately upon its release, just click here.

Avens is currently enrolled in KDP Selects, which means that the ebook version is exclusively through kindle. I've chosen this route because 1. most people buy through Amazon 2. it enables Avens to be part of the book lending program, which means you can let friends borrow it short-term 3. because being part of this exclusive setting gives it greater chances of being boosted by Amazon itself. Which, hopefully, means more sales.

Well, now that that's announced, here's your quote for day 5:

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