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6 More Days

As previously stated, you will now get another quote from Avens as we countdown to release day!

Also, I just uploaded all of the Kindle stuff to Amazon and they are currently processing it to see if it meets pre-order requirements. (If I had known how to do this, it would have been done months ago. But that's the learning curve for ya...) So maybe in a couple of days I'll have even more good news for you guys! Anyway, here we have another quote that I adore. (I think I actually made an image of this a long time ago, but that was on a different computer, and this one looks better.)

As before, please feel free to share and tell all your friends about Avens and the rest of the PMC!

I'm really hoping for an awesome release day, but I need help to get it done.

Thanks for all your support!

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