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The Countdown Begins

January 21, 2019

That's the day that Avens officially releases! Which means we only have seven days to wait before we can all delve into Lex's last adventure.

As exciting as it is, it is also still bittersweet for me. I first wrote began this series when I was 19 years old. It's been eight years and I will finally be able to see the last book in print. If you asked me back then whether or not I would go this far with this series, I would have said, "Probably not." Publishing it wasn't really something I thought of as possible.

But Lex was one of those characters that wouldn't take no for an answer. So I began the rewrites a few years ago ... and now all 5 books are going to be out in the world.

That will probably always amaze me.

Anyway, in preparation for the release, expect a blog post every day leading up to it because I plan to drop quotes for the next seven days. (Which can also be found on my author FB page, the Ivy FB Page, Pinterest, and Twitter.)

Well, here we have an image from the first chapter of Avens:

Please feel free to share and let everyone you know about this magickal series!

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