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Oops, I Did It Again

So I have mentioned this before on my FB page that I write almost exclusively with the help of Scrivener and Google Docs. I can no longer even look at a Word document without a sense of disdain for its superfluous bullshit. Alas, however, there is one advantage it has over my beloved Google Docs: it's offline.

You see, when I edit, it is within the comforting realm of the Google world. This is because Docs makes it so easy to protect the document and share it with others, while only giving them certain rights. While editing Hawthorn D3 (Draft 3) I have it available for both of my emails to access, as well as a few of my friends who serve as beta readers/editors. The only downfall of this is that Google Docs eats data like nothing else. (Except maybe Youtube.)

Now, as ridiculous as this sounds, I am unable to get internet at my house. For reasons it's not worth explaining. Therefore, this requires me to have a little Verizon box filled with a measly 10gb of data. This is supposed to be enough for a family. *cue maniacal laughter*

Well, as I'm typing this, I am about to hit the end of my data. (Sitting at 9.4 used at last check.) Which means I will be unable to be very active online for the next week. Tragic as that sounds, it won't kill me. At least I finished off D3; just means D4 will have to wait a bit.

What this also means is that Scrivener will see more of my attention than it has ... for the past month, thereabouts. It also gives my editors time to actually finish one doc before I hit them with another. So there are some positives to this.

And now I digress because I really can't go over that mark...

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