Dreaming of My World

July 14, 2017

 Okay, story time:


About two nights ago, I was having this really elaborate dream. I was traveling between continents, coming up against strange cultures and intense security ports. Almost got detained and imprisoned in a nation I considered my home, because I'd been away for a while in another country. Then, of course, I turn around and travel back to where I was because that was where my duties were.


All of this occurred in Vassel.


I dreamt about the world I created. I dreamt that I was in it. As an active character. Doing a job on foreign soil. I WAS A PROTAGONIST IN MY OWN WORLD!


When I woke up, it was maddening, because this will likely never occur again, and that depresses me.


Alas, I have to move on from it. Just means I get to spend my waking hours immersed in this world, as well as the sleeping.


Of course, when I finish up Hawthorn anyway. Right now we're editing Draft 2, and the entire ending is getting a rewrite. Much more work to come, and I'm squeezing it in as best I can. Meanwhile, the weather is still a hag. No cover pictures have yet been procured. Some images for the back cover have been narrowed down, however, so that's something.


Also, the bookaversary giveaway of 2 copies of Oleander has ended. Congrats to Sherri and James for taking the next step in Lex's journey. I hope the books prove worthy of the attention.


Okay, so I think that's all the update I have time for. Back to work with me now.

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