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Once more, I've been very awful at keeping up with this. Now I just don't have an excuse other than my lousy correspondent skills. I'm one of those people that doesn't call or email others unless I feel like I have something to say. As of this point in time, my life has been running on the same track of work and writing, so it didn't seem as if I needed to mention anything in particular.

Today is a little different in the fact that I finally added something that I've been wanting to add for a while. That is a STORIES page on my website that provides links to the stories I have posted to Wattpad. As explained on the page, these are stories I have no intention of publishing, so I've put them on Wattpad in order to fulfill my need to share these stories.

So go ahead and check that out and admire the same picture that I cut up and recolored to make the 'covers'.

On another note, I got really caught up in a new idea last week, but it's not something I feel like investing a whole lot of time in. It'll take a while to write because it is going to be a full novel. When it's finished I already know a decent amount of it will need a rewrite, so that's also on the list of things to do. However, when that's done I will most likely be publishing it to Wattpad instead of pursuing another agenda for it.

So that's it. A little plug for myself to ask everyone to check out my page. Sorry for the lousy blogging habits, but I never was really good at it. I'm more active on my FB page in a weekly capacity. (Except this last week since the new project kind of ruined my usual activity.)

To end off this post, I'm going to leave a gallery of my cool covers. (This is in every way meant to entice you to go click on my STORIES page.)


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