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Hawthorn Release Day


It's taken us a long, long time to get to this point, and I'm ecstatic that we're finally here. At long last, you are now able to download the Kindle version of Hawthorn over on Amazon. So please go check it out and add it to your e-readers.

Unfortunately, we ran into many, many problems in the production of the paperback copy. As it turns out, if you so much as fix the only mistake in the book, the whole document freaks out. Due to the review process that Createspace has in place, every review takes on average 24 hours. While it normally doesn't take this long (about 12 hours) it does mean that I have to beg my interior designer to work her magic yet again to try and make the margins what they want.

This process is infuriating, I'm not going to lie. The book was perfectly fine except for one tiny alignment error near the end of it. I don't know why the margins (that have been in place for the proof copy once before already) are now an issue. This has put a huge damper on what I wanted to be a blissful day. So, this is my formal apology that the paperback is not yet available, but at least we can celebrate the official release of the Kindle edition and be happy that this book has made it out to readers on its appointed day.

That does not mean we're not going on with our other goodies. As with every previous release, I am doing a giveaway of the books preceding our new PMC arrival. So I'm providing links to the Goodreads Giveaways for Ivy, Oleander, and Valerian. These giveaways will be open from today (November 30, 2017) through December 9, 2017. There are only one copy each available and they are open to US residents only, I'm afraid.

This will be the last giveaway I'm hosting through Goodreads, as their policy will change drastically in January, and will pretty much eliminate the ability of indie authors and small publishers to participate in the giveaway program. So if you guys have ideas of giveaways we can do here on the page, and what all you'd like to see in future, please don't hesitate to contact me or drop a comment.

Today is also the last day of NaNoWriMo and at some point tonight I have to validate Avens. While it is nowhere near complete, at least one massive chunk is all written out. Even better is that I'm starting to see what can be trimmed out and how I want the final product to look. Honestly, I'm excited to wrap up the PMC and move on to other endeavors.

So I think that's the end of the news for tonight. Remember to check out the giveaways and head on over to the FB event to see some of the teasers and join in the conversation!

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