Editing Quirks

So, I'm probably in a small minority of writers here, but I actually love editing. Compared to writing, it is less time consuming. Less confusing. With more focus and concentration attached to it than literally making up everything as you go. When you hit the editing stage of a project, you know that you've done the hardest part: you wrote the book. There is an entire novel sitting there, fully created, just waiting for you to mold it and shape it into something better. For me, the hardest part isn't the writing. It's the finishing. So when I have finished a novel that I truly want to put all of my effort and focus into, that is an accomplishment. There are many, many projects put on

Story Time

First off, I'm sorry for the sudden radio silence. Things have been happening around here, but most of what it boils down to is: a lot of work and a lot of everyone else making plans. With summer finally wrapping up, I feel like I have a few minutes to breathe. However, there are moments that snatch even that and knock me flat. Regardless, I should not have neglected this blog like I have. It is inexcusable and I need to start straightening up my nonsense. So, let's have a little chat session and you can have an idea of where my life is at this point. 1. Move-in complete! Storage unit is fully cleaned out and out of our hands. All of my stuff has finally made it to the new house. And

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