Busy, Busy

In all honesty, the image has nothing to do with this post except for me to be able to say: Don't those colors look damn good together? Anyway... So let's review what I've been up to for the past couple of months: November: NaNoWriMo; started my current WIP; finished Part 1. December: Edited "Oleander" Draft 1. January: Continued WIP Pt 2. February: Continued WIP Pt. 2 March: Started WIP Pt. 3 April: Camp NaNoWriMo (Rewrite of PMC Book 3) May: Edit Oleander D2; pack belongings in prep for moving; continue WIP Pt. 3 Okay, so the deal is: our house sold. The house we are preparing to rent is still under renovation. We have a week left. I've been busy. Also, my WIP is on the back burner due

Spoiler Sponge

Well, that round of editing is in the bag. Now to do it all over again. This time, I'm bringing in my Team to help me get through the rest. (Now that they all have time set aside to hash through it with me.) Of course, when it comes to things like books and series with a lot of elements to them, there is always one person on your team that should be kept separated from the others at all costs: your Spoiler Sponge. For me, this person used to be (still sometimes is) my brother. Together, we'd go on long walks down backroads and we'd talk about my current WIP (Work In Progress). We'd bounce ideas back and forth, I'd tell him everything that would happen that I hadn't gotten a chance to wri

Seeing Red

You know, there's one thing that has always amazed me about editing: you always find room for improvement. I've edited four books now and am working on my fifth. With each one, I've become more aware with how to go about it. I've also learned that with a decent system and a few different sets of eyes on a project, proofreading can actually be a very entertaining job. Yet, there is just something so fulfilling when I go through an edit and see all of the red marks on the page. I actually like seeing them there. To me, it is a sign of improvement when I am not blinded by the changes I need to make. When I can go through after 2 rounds, or 3 or 4 rounds of editing and see the red lines, th

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