Writing A Series

So I had a conversation with my good friend/awesome author, Jennifer Anne Davis, recently about how we write series. It was a conversation we didn't get to finish due to hectic life schedules, but it really got me to thinking. Thus: a new blog post. I am in awe of people who can produce an entire series by writing one book at a time. I can't do that. For me, when I set out to write a story, I'm writing the story. Not a book. Not a novel. When I first thought of making writing my career, I did my best to write books and novels. Do you know what I was lacking? The story. No matter what rules I followed or what planning and effort I put in, I knew those were the projects that would have

It Has Arrived

Today I came home to grab some cookies right as my mom got back from the post office. Turns out, I had something I was desperately waiting on sitting on my brand new desk. (Those pictures will also be forthcoming when I get the office truly set up.) It was the first 5 copies of Oleander! Of course, the first one pulled out of the box got signed to my mom right off the bat and put with the others. (She now needs a bigger space to keep them, since they're filling up her safe.) The second one got marked as Mine! and is now sitting beside me. It will be the first book I read in the new house. I think I timed this just right.


Today is the day! Oleander is now available on Amazon in paperback format! It's been a long, hard road, but thanks to my awesome cover designer/formatter/badass best friend, it all came together in time for us to enjoy it in its entirety. And, of course, on top of this awesome release day, there is still that GIVEAWAY that I mentioned before! Two copies of Ivy are available to residents of both the US and Canada! So feel free to go check it out! Wish I could have posted this all earlier, of course, but going into the holiday weekend working retail, I had a few long hours at my day jobs. Now my feet hurt, it's past my bedtime, and I still have to go roll change. So this is me signing of

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