Happy First Bookaversary to Ivy

Today is the first bookaversary for Ivy. Naturally, I am beyond excited about this. What's more, as of 11:59:59 pm we will have winners for two copies each of Ivy and Oleander over on Goodreads. If you haven't entered yet, there are 16 hours left to do so. Just follow the links I put in the book titles and it'll take you to each giveaway option. Also occurring tomorrow is the first day of NaNoWriMo. For those who do not know what this is, the title stands for: National Novel Writing Month. This is an event that takes place every November, where writers from around the globe pledge to write a 50,000 word manuscript in only 30 days. It is exciting, thrilling, terrifying, and a horrendou

What's on Wattpad

I actually forgot to link my Wattpad to my website. How could I forget that? Especially when it holds some really cool short stories that pertain directly to the world of Vassel! If you want to check it out, my username is HollowRyan. There are currently only three "stories" posted on my Wattpad. One is on hold indefinitely, and you'll find that is my Austen inspired Lazarus. Thanks to this one story, Vassel became the world it is now. When I began working on all of the world building for this rich continent, I found and created an entire planet where all of my stories could be set. I found my home away from home. *Lazarus cover created by a friend and the sources are unknown. She al

Oleander on Kindle

So after a time of me being completely useless in this area of expertise, my best friend finally walked me through how to turn a Word document into a Kindle ebook. Thus, Oleander is now available on Kindle! So if you have travel plans, why not take a little, wicked witch with you? Or if you just need to take your Kindle with you everywhere (like I have to) make sure you download both Ivy and Oleander. Also, if you've already bought the paperback versions of these books, the Kindle download is FREE!


So, I'm going to start another day hashtag. (Still looking for a Friday one that refers to blog posts; feel free to offer suggestions.) After seeing another author's post about her books being less than $9 on Amazon, I thought it would be a cool idea to just pimp out a cool book every Saturday. This, of course, is going to mean hashtags and more things for me to do in a week, which will keep me on my toes. So, for this week's #SaleSaturday I'd like you all to go check out Cage of Deceit by Jennifer Anne Davis.

All Of The Rules I Do Not Follow

If you have ever, ever even thought of having a writing career, chances are that you googled the heck out of it. There had to be a secret, right? A formula of some kind that would lead to instant best sellers? Well what did this author do, or this one, and how can I emulate that? With all of those questions, I just know that google gave you a wide range of rules, articles, suggestions, and blog posts devoted to the subject of writing the 'next big thing.' I know, because I did it too. Looking up this formula that a novel needs, I started constructing my projects around everything I thought I needed. From long, confusing, intricate character back stories, to advanced molecular world bui

Bookaversary Giveaway!

So, out of the many wonderful and wicked things to occur this October, I have one more surprise for you Halloween month: a Bookaversary Giveaway! In honor of the first bookaversary for Ivy, there is a giveaway occurring for two copies each of Ivy and Oleander! This giveaway is running the ENTIRE month of October. From today to Samhain, you have the opportunity to win either copy, and also have the opportunity to get all of your friends in on the chance. So spread it around. Jump in on the fun. And keep those fingers crossed!

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