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Story Time

First off, I'm sorry for the sudden radio silence. Things have been happening around here, but most of what it boils down to is: a lot of work and a lot of everyone else making plans. With summer finally wrapping up, I feel like I have a few minutes to breathe. However, there are moments that snatch even that and knock me flat.

Regardless, I should not have neglected this blog like I have. It is inexcusable and I need to start straightening up my nonsense. So, let's have a little chat session and you can have an idea of where my life is at this point.

1. Move-in complete! Storage unit is fully cleaned out and out of our hands. All of my stuff has finally made it to the new house. And I've even unpacked the more important books I have. (Four trunks full. Double or triple layered. I need at least one more bookshelf to empty the last two trunks. About three more shelves to do those and half of the books still boxed up throughout the house. The rest will probably go into storage.)

2. Work craziness is finally dying down. Working retail is ... well, it's a job. No doubt about it. Working six days in a row is exhausting. But I have to treasure every single one of those days because winter is coming and they will be drastically cut. Winters in a small town can/will/have turned people suicidal. If I didn't have my writing, I don't know how I would ever have survived any of these.

3. Editing for PMC Book 3 is in full swing. I have lots of snippets being posted on my Facebook Page every week. I also tend to throw up quotes for any Works In Progress (WIP) I have going on. 4. Recently I had the privilege of finishing my November NaNoWriMo novel, making that four books that I have finished in a year. (The project stretched out to four parts. Each one novel length.)

5. As part of trying to get my life together, I will be doing my best to post more blogs... Or maybe even move this into a different mode of communication. Unsure as of yet. 6. Also, I got a cold yesterday. Nothing special; just thought I'd mention it.

7. GIVEAWAY COMING IN OCTOBER!! As I've unashamedly plastered all over here and Facebook, Oleander was released June 30, 2016. Well, if you've also been paying attention, Ivy will reach its very first Bookaversary this October 31. Thus, a MONTH LONG giveaway of BOTH books will be held over on GoodReads. Links will be available as soon as it opens.

8. Another also: I'M GOING TO MEET MY BEST FRIEND!!! The woman behind the cover design of Oleander and all of the gorgeous interior of Ivy and Oleander is having a big birthday. And I mean that as one of the important ones. So, I get to fulfill my urge to fly again sometime in October to go and celebrate this most auspicious day with her! I'm so excited. Especially since we've been friends for about six years now and have never met in person. So this is going to be a grand vacation!

9. Okay, I think that's it. I think. Other than what appears on my FB page. (Updated far more frequently, I'm afraid.) Going to get some things together now and maybe write up a few more blogs that I can publish at later dates. Again, it's all part of me trying to get my stuff together.

10. OH! And I also cut my hair. Here's a photo of this strange experience involving straightening.

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