This page is dedicated to the several short stories, novellas, and other ideas that have been completed with the desire to share them publicly.  These are the stories that have been written with the intent not to pursue physical publication.  Therefore, they were all published on the writing site Wattpad, and the decision was made to make those links available here. 


Hollow Ryan

Science Fiction Novel


Separate, they are nothing. Together, they are a secret worth killing for.


Ari Keir has always felt hollow. An empty longing has lived inside her chest for as long as she can remember. And for nearly eighteen years, she never knew what caused it.


Cai Balere does not know why his heart is defective. Never has it held a full beat. Just as if half of it had vanished; dead to him and the world.


A lie told from birth transformed them from siblings into strangers.


Kept secreted away by his powerful, political mother, Cai broke all of her rules to release a photograph of himself, as well as a promise. On his eighteenth birthday, January 1, 2358, he would return to the city of his birth, Valor, America. His goal was to host the most memorable party Valor had ever seen.


Given the freedom of a neglected teenager, Ari Keir knew a thing or two about taking care of herself and trusting few. When a single picture makes her go weak in the knees, however, she reaches out to her best friend for help. The idea is insane and impossible to believe, but as Ari locks eyes with Cai's photograph, she knows in her bones that she is no longer alone. The orphan has a family after all.


From the moment Ari learns of Cai Balere, someone is out for blood. Running from all she has ever known, the scrawny teenager finds herself greeting her future far sooner than expected. To save herself and Cai, however, she will do whatever it takes.


Against all odds, Ari and Cai are brought together, because they never should have been torn apart. Desperate as they were to reach each other, they're even more determined to keep one another.


Separate, they are vulnerable. Together, they are invincible.


Hollow Ryan

Fantasy Novella


Claimed by Ne'Hatma, Goddess of War, at a tender age, Faida has lived and trained in service of her patron.  It is a dedication that is well rewarded when war turns the Tribes of the Parnon Nation against each other.  At sixteen, Faida gets her first taste of bloodshed, and a willingness to experience even more.

Taking to the battlefield with skill and creativity, Faida proves to herself and her people that she is worthy of the Claim of a Goddess.  It is something even her enemies take note of, and it intrigues them.

With the war nearing its end, a request is made of her that will force Faida to choose between her people or her Goddess. To forsake one or the other, that is her fate.


Hollow Ryan

Fantasy Short Story


Within the Forest Realm, there are few that can match the power of the Gryphons that claim dominion over land and sky. Those that can are their Riders.

As a woman, Sarrie is meant to be earth bound, while her elder brothers are each taught how to capture a wild Gryphon and bond with them for life. Gryphons have minds of their own, however, and it takes but one to teach a little girl what the men of her tribe refuse to.

When Sarrie first lays eyes on Xzaryth, the Black Gryphon, she knows that she is the only Rider meant for him.  But to prove her worth and make this match is to sacrifice everything she has ever known.

Jewel of the Desert

Hollow Ryan

Fantasy Novella


As a disgraced noble turned mercenary, Lord Barrin tends to avoid experiences that link too closely with the world he left behind.  Queen Thalon is part of the new life he has formed, however.  So when the Black Gryphon arrives and Rider Sarrie urges him to make his way to the newly arisen nation of Valhoal, Jewel of the Desert, Barrin has no opportunity to refuse.

Back in the presence of the slave consort turned Queen, Barrin is not blind to the challenges the young Queen now faces.  Now, he must decide between his freedom and a sacrificial return to the world he left behind.  The future of Valhoal rests in his hands.

True Rider

Hollow Ryan

Fantasy Short Story


Raydin, Rider of Maphail, is one of the elite members of his tribe.  With Maphail's speed and skill, they are messengers that cater to the many nations of Maeror.  Yet, they are not the best.

In the ten years since the Black Gryphon gained a rider, Raydin had feared no reunion.  When he is confronted by this ghost from his past, however, he remembers all too clearly what it means to have loved and lost.  A fact made even more difficult by realizing that Sarrie has yet to relinquish her power over him.

About as tangible as a shadow, it is impossible for Raydin to keep her.  It is not impossible for him to claim her; even if it is only for one night.  When dawn arrives, Raydin is once more forced to realize that shadows do not often outlast daylight.

The Crusher of Kings

Hollow Ryan

Fantasy Short Story


No ruler of Ivoren has been spared the touch of the beautiful, intoxicating Jolene.  A curse upon the monarchs, Jolene has repaid the cruelty done to her a hundred times over.  Now, her motives are far less clear.  With the power to build Ivoren up, or tear it all down, Jolene creates or destroys the will of kings.

Then one young Queen does the unthinkable: she asks the Crusher of Kings to spare the man she loves most.  She didn't realize she would have a choice.

No matter her decision, however, she knows that there will be no future not shaped by the hands of Jolene.  This is her warning to all.

Bridge Walker

Hollow Ryan

Fantasy Novel


Forest born, but desert bred.


Tallie is a Bridge Walker of Valhoal. While raised beneath the desert skies, she was never allowed to forget that her kin are those of the Forest Realm.


On the day she turns fifteen, Tallie finds that her worlds are about to collide when a Gryphon Rider arrives in the Jewel of the Desert. His message is dire. A dragon circles the skies of Shade, and its shadow grows longer over the Forest. Unless one is found to act as an emissary between the tribes and the deceptive shapeshifters of Shade, the dragon may yet set its sights on the trees.


Within the Forest lies the tribe of her mother’s people, and with them the father and brother that do not know she exists. It is the hope of reuniting her family that pushes Tallie to accept the task of forging the bond between the Forest and Shade. Beneath the great trees, Tallie will soon learn what family truly means. And what it will cost to keep them.


Hollow Ryan

Science Fiction Challenge Story


This story is the byproduct of four writing prompts used in a group challenge for May 2018. For my prompts I have chosen:


'Every baby is taken by the government and returned when they are ten years old. They never remember what happened in those years, but they always recognize their parents. You, however, remember everything. And those are not your parents.'


'After gaining the ability to see everyone's red strings of fate tying soulmates to each other, you realize your string extends past the sky.'


'They say whenever you shiver, someone walked over your past life's grave. The first human took their first step on Mars and all of humanity just shivered.'


'You appear in an infinite white room with nothing but yourself and a piece of paper that says "You have been banned from existence."'


Hollow Ryan

Paranormal Romance


She is the mistress of dreams.


He is the keeper of nightmares.


As a Dreamcrafter, Istas travels the country from pow wows to renaissance festivals, peddling her wares to those seeking a respite from reality. From calm days on a beach to wild adventures in the jungles, she sells them all. Steamy nights and messages from loved ones are specialties she offers. Then there are those she does on-demand. A dream perfectly tailored of a reality you’re in need of. She weaves it all.


When a shadowy figure takes a seat in her commissioners chair, however, Istas has no idea what she’s about to see. Destruction. Chaos. Blood and Death. For him, these are dreams. To her, they are nightmares.


Eager to put a stop to visions that seem more prophecy than fantasy, Istas seeks out the mind of the one who imprinted on her. What she finds will change everything. Herself included.


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