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So, yesterday, I did a thing that I thought was going to be much harder than it actually was. I finally removed the 'PMC' button off my toolbar. With most of my books I usually link the Google Doc to the draft on my Safari toolbar. (Yes, I have a Mac and I love it. It's perfect for writing.) The 'PMC' tab wasn't just to one doc, however. It led to the file where every single draft of every single book exists. With all of the editing notes. All of the random notes. Everything at all possibly relating to Lex and her world.

And in a completely nonchalant manner yesterday, I looked at that button and went, "Well, I guess I don't need that anymore," and deleted it.

I thought that would be more emotional than it was. Of course, I thought crossing it off the Work List (which also has its own tab) would be more epic.

It wasn't.

Though, now that we're on the subject of the Work List, here's a little bit about the things I have planned and how my mind works.

First of all, the current count of the Work List is 77 projects. Yes, you read that right. 77. That's with all of the series (with the exception of the PMC) counted as one.

Currently, there are 19 of the 77 crossed off. Obviously the PMC takes up the first five slots, but what you'll notice in the pic is that each of them say 'Rewriting/Editing/Publishing'. That's because, by the time I made the list, all of the first drafts were written.

If you looked at the list now, you would also see that many of the titles on the Stories page are also crossed out. Usually with a 'Write' or 'Finish Writing' in front of the title. Thus, everything is organized.

Here's the thing, though ... there are a few items that now appear on the list twice. This is because their first entry was entitled 'Write' and they have now been upgraded to 'Rewriting/Editing/Publishing'. Currently, there are only 3 of those.

So let's do a little math, shall we?

There are 77 projects total. Minus 19 that are either published or first drafts and we get 58. Take out the three that need the full treatment and you have 55. So, out of 55 projects, I'm going to give you the number of those that have 'Finish Writing' in front of them. There are 8.


There are 47 projects on that list that are completely untouched. I just added a new one today. And all of that is without breaking down the series into individual books, or the list would be much longer.

Oh, and 7 of those consist of series. Some of which don't have specific numbers of books associated with them.

So, there you have it. The projects I will strive to get done over the course of the next few years. Undoubtedly there will be more added to the list over the years, but I'm hoping to cross out a decent amount, too.

Actually, I really should go finish May...

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