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So all has been quiet on this front for some time. Ever since the paperbacks showed up, actually. This is because real life has stolen more of my time than I wished it would. Alas, let's get on with this update.

In Writing News: I got stalled on the rewrite of BE. It happens, and I'm kind of used to it. Now, however, I've finally moved past the block and am ready to keep rolling with this story. Although I've made the decision not to rush it and to allow it to be as many words as it needs to be. Time to stop stressing myself and butchering a good story with stupid rules that I can't possibly follow.

Also, I participated in April's Camp NaNoWriMo. I started a new story I am currently calling The Merchant's Daughter (TMD for short). This story also takes place in the world of Vassel, but on the continent of Validus. Considering it takes place much further back in the history of Vassel, there's a lot less magick and a lot more personal connection. As of yet, I am unsure whether or not I will put it on Wattpad when it is finished or if I will slate it for publication and put it on the rewrite list.

In Real Life News:

Yeah, I got nothing. Day job is picking up. Small town drama and politics. Everyday living with my puppies. Same ol' same.

In Website News:

I decided that it was unfair to have my work available for free on Wattpad but not also have it available here for those who do not have Wattpad accounts. Therefore, if you check out the Stories page, you'll find that a few of my projects now have an additional button that says 'PDF' beside them. Click this and the whole file becomes available in PDF format for those that would like to read it.

You'll also notice that, at this time, not all of the projects have a PDF project. This is because some extra work will need to go into them *cough JotD cough* before I can make it available in a less junky format. And I honestly don't feel like doing more right this minute.

Alas, I shall now return to my actual writing now. I'm excited to see what happens next in BE...

Have a great day everyone and thanks for being patient with this serial procrastinator!

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