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Procrastination On Track

So, it's NaNo ... I'm a few days ahead ... which means I procrastinate. A lot. I reread books. I read new books. I tweak my old books. I tweak friends' books. It's a thing.

This time, I went full out on tweaking my own. All because scrivener has it so that I can take files in it and transform them into Kindle books. That's right, if you want a kindle version of something I've written, let me know. I can do that now. *wink wink*

It started with Bridge Walker, but it didn't end there. You see, once I figured out how to tweak things on this, I found out how to nudge a few more things into place. Now, one of my all time favorite books that I have written, XXY, is on my Kindle!

XXY is one of those books I've hardly mentioned on here, I know. That doesn't mean it does not still hold one of my favorite literary couples in existence. It also holds some of the best characters I've ever had in my life. And I like to do this thing where I skim books and reread my favorite parts. Problem is, I usually prefer to do this away from my computer, where I can be comfortable lounging in bed or elsewhere and still have access to it. Well, now I have that chance.

Of course, with a new format had to come a new cover. Of course. Why wouldn't it. Now, I will make it clear that I do NOT own the copyright for the original image, and I would happily give credit where credit is due if I had been able to find the actual image creator. (Same with the Dreamcrafter cover, tbh.) So if anyone finds that information, I'd like to post that for posterity's sake.

Anyway, moving on, here is the new cover for XXY (as you will be able to see on the Stories page and Wattpad):

And now this procrastination session is at an end. Gotta go finish this chapter now. Then I think it might be time for bed.

Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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