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Comfort Zone Collapse

Well, I was determined to stop in today and at least update this. So here I am, and I have actual things to share. So let's get started.

First of all, Cibola didn't work out. Not sure why. As excited as I was for the project and as much as the pieces of the history seemed to fall into place, I couldn't write it. So now it is a project that must be pushed back. Until I have a better understanding of how the story is unfolding and which actions are relevant, I'm willing to let it sulk in silence.

That being said, I have not given up on NaNoWriMo. I've been doing this since 2011 and I'll be damned if I give up now. So allow me to introduce you to Dreamcrafter.

She is the mistress of dreams.

He is the keeper of nightmares.

As a Dreamcrafter, Istas travels the country from pow wows to renaissance festivals, peddling her wares to those seeking a respite from reality. From calm days on a beach to wild adventures in the jungles, she sells them all. Steamy nights and messages from loved ones are specialties she offers. Then there are those she does on-demand. A dream perfectly tailored of a reality you’re in need of. She weaves it all.

When a shadowy figure takes a seat in her commissioners chair, however, Istas has no idea what she’s about to see. Destruction. Chaos. Blood and Death. For him, these are dreams. To her, they are nightmares.

Eager to put a stop to visions that seem more prophecy than fantasy, Istas seeks out the mind of the one who imprinted on her. If he doesn’t find her first.

Ironically enough, Dreamcrafter is a very, very adult novel based off of a very innocent image. You see, the first time I saw this picture, I imagined the little girl that created whole dreams before sending them off for others to play out in their sleep. It was cute and sweet and I adored her for it.

Well, the kid grew up and Istas has a foul mouth, lots of ambition, and questionable morals. She's also a character that has taken my writing comfort zone and squashed it beneath her heel while looking at it in complete disgust as she wonders what I'd left on her shoes. You see, Istas is a very ... active narrator. She wants to tell it all, and she'd rather not have to deal with me to do it. But them's the breaks. So she deals with me and is very specific on the delivery of her internal monologues.

She is a diva, and she doesn't apologize for it.

I've never met anyone quite like her, real life or fictional. And I find it super refreshing. Also super challenging. Which, I guess is the point, considering it's NaNo.

I'm not going to lie: it's not easy. In the first few days, I sincerely struggled with Istas and how to write this book. In the end, I sat back and let her use my fingers to do the typing. We're now a full day ahead in the writing schedule.

If you want to keep up on Dreamcrafter I have made it available on Wattpad and will soon add it to the Stories page on this site. Please feel free to read and comment to your heart's content! Now to go restructure the Stories page...

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