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D3 Is Done

Well, after many hours laboriously highlighting things to delete, rewriting whole scenes, adding new scenes, and fixing typos, I can officially say that Avens D3 is now finished. What this means is that it's now time for draft 4 (D4). After the note taking of D2, and the major reworking of D3, it is my hope that D4 is nothing more than the proofreading draft. If nothing else is seen as a huge disturbance in plot or pacing, then I'll be able to add the superficial stuff.

(Ha! Like Acknowledgments could ever be superficial.)

Anyway, that's the plan. That's the update. And now I've run out of things to talk about...

Guess that means I should get back to work, huh? (Though not on D4 yet as my beta readers require some time to look over the doc before I deal with it again.)

Well, I'm off to do other things. Thank you for noticing this update.

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